Thursday, May 28, 2009


This is my "challenge " piece for this week ! The spicy colors are not what I usually work with but wanted to try something different . The image of the dancer is from old sheet music , the words are from a song " Dance Artists ".... come ! let us dance like the dance artists do ..... The bits of fabric are from an antique wool paisley fabric that I use smidgens of when I can !

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Annapolis First Sundays Arts Show

I am going to participate in the First Sundays Arts Festival in Annapolis on Sunday June 7th . will be the first time I will be selling my mixed media art at an event ! Hopefully it will be worth the effort . I have been busy trying to figure out how I want to display my pieces . I certainly do not want to just line it up on a table ... oh no no no that will not do ! I so far have altered an old bookshelf with antique newspaper advertisements , gingerbread wood cutouts and paint . I have some old green shutter screens I am going to hang things from . At the last flea market sale I picked up a way cool old metal gum display rack and it holds my small collages perfectly ! I think all put together it will be different and eyecatching . I just need to tie up some loose ends and start praying it doesn't rain ! Stop by and say hello !

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Melange Team Challenge May 18-25 INSPIRATION

My " take " on the word is a little unusual ... " Inspiration " for this collage came from a big spider web I spotted right outside my window one recent morning ... I was at that time looking through an antique nursery rhyme book and came upon the Little Miss Muffett rhyme ... well one thing lead to another and VIOLA ... I have titled it " Little Ms. Muffett Ain't Afraid Of Spiders !

I wove the thread web onto the canvas board that I had painted and texturized with paper , paint and glitter . I added pictures from old postcards , bits of antique lace and an old earring that I cut apart . I finished it with a sprinkling of very old mica flakes !

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Latest Melange Team Challenge ~ LACE

This idea came to me this morning at 6:30 while I was sipping coffee and impatiently waiting for my kids to leave for school . I saw an old eyeglass case sitting there in a box looking like it should have been tossed .... I am glad I didn't ! An old tintype photo of a pretty woman , some antique lace , bits of a tapestry , postcard parts , sheet music titles , old buttons , key and a Longfellow poem under an eyeglass .......VIOLA !

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cleaned My Craft Room Today Surprise's Found

I spent most of today cleaning and trying to organize my art room . Not how I wanted
to spend my Sunday / Mothers day BUT I could not find a photograph that I had just sold on Ebay and I was frantically looking for it ! I did find the photo..........and luckily not glued into a collage . I am not out $115 ! I kept at it and I was also amazed at what I did find .

1 . 8 pairs of scissors , gee I can never find any when I need them .

2. 2 pairs of clogs and one pair of flip flops .

3. At least 4 dryed up paint brushes

4. several bills I most likely did not pay

5. 3 coffee mugs

6 . photographs I forgot I had

7. A Christmas present I made and forgot to give

8. a credit card ... and not one I was using as a paper smoother

9. too many dried up tubes of paint

10. a " to do " list I never got to.....

11 . too many " found objects " !

After all that cleaning I sat down to finish a collage on a clean work space ....the breeze blowing through the window , great music was playing , kids out of the house , boyfriend at the gym and what I happened ... I could not find something I needed ... go figure .