Sunday, August 30, 2009

Melange Team Challenge ~ Abundance


" Some where from tiny throats ~ sounds celestial ..."

Friday, August 28, 2009

Transfer Experiments #2 19th Century book Images

4 . When haze is gone coat with gel .

3. Keep rubbing for about a min . Pull top layer paper off . With moist finger rub back and forth till paper is rubbed off .
Apply gel with finger . Flip onto chip and rub gently until adhered.
.1 .Torn image from old book . Poker chip
This one is done .

6. Pretty much done , let dry and see if there is a paper " haze " remoisten finger and rub if needed . Let dry , apply a coat of Golden .
5. Moisten finger and keep rubbing .
4. Keep rubbing back and forth like you are erasing , gently peeling off paper .
3. Flipped onto paper and softly rubbed with thumb back and forth round and round for about 1 Min .

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Melange Team Challenge 8 / 19" FLIGHT "

This weeks word prompt was " Flight " .... I made this sweet little piece rather quickly and at the last minute ! Little butterfly catching boy searching for his " lovely one " . Small 4 " x 6 " canvas panel , hand colored ( with colored pencils ) book pages of butterflies with copies of old Victorian trade cards . A little gesso for softening . I attached an optical lens ( thanks Pam Carricker ) for closer " viewing " of the butterfly " specimens " !

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Experimental PhotoTransfer On Glass

This is an idea that I had when I was experimenting with different ways to do collage transfers . I had a stack of very old clear glass slides that was sitting around and I thought I would try to transfer an image on them . I laser copied some old photos and applied Golden gel medium to the front with my fingers and then let it set up for an hour or two and the peeled off the paper . Rubbing off the paper with a wet finger GENTLY , on the first one of the family I rushed and starting to rub off parts of the image too . I thought it was ruined so I put it aside I thought to pick it and see what would happen if I put a piece of paper behind it ........ I liked the way it looked so I glued it down with gel to the back of the glass . The second one I let set up and dry longer that the first , only because I was out of the house and I couldn't mess with it . This one I had only gelled part of the copy . I thought it would look neat with silver behind it like an old Daguerreotype so I painted some water color paper with silver paint , let it dry and then gelled it onto the glass . Kind of spooky image ..... almost like and image in a tarnished mirror . I plan on using the family one on an altered book front , edging it with some type of vintage trim .... we shall see what I do with the Soldier .

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Melange Challenge ~ Favorite Quote ~ Altered Book ~The Little Dog And The Puppy

This weeks challenge was to use a favorite quote . I am using this quote as inspiration .


I really couldn't think offhand of a favorite quote but when I saw this e on the back of a book I was looking at while I was also toying with a photograph I had just altered with a boy and a dog I thought VIOLA !

I took an old battered book , gessoed , painted and distressed it . I added torn pages from a 1920 magazine with advertisements for dog kennels . Pages from a childs storybook about a lost dog , an altered old photo were added . I copied the large image of the dog from another dog book and cutout . Vintage game pieces I painted became " balls " . Standing on top is a porcelain doggy perched on a dominoe .

Photographed on a shelf with my 2 FAVORITE dog planters .

Sunday, August 9, 2009

MELANGE Challenge ~ ARCHETYPE ~ CAMERA " Say Cheese "

I guess this is not what you would think of as archetype but it works for me . An old lonely KODAK camera , not the first camera made but it is one of the names that surely comes to mind when someone says camera ...

of course not anyone from the current generation would come to that thought !

Monday, August 3, 2009

Getting Ready For Halloween ~ Altered Photographs

I have been fascinated with old photographs especially Victorian era ones FOREVER ! I loved looking at them as a child and still seek them out when I am out at antique shops and flea markets . The ones I choose to alter are ones that speak to me and of course ones that are not valuable ! I hope that in 100 years someone finds a photo of me and adds a fun new setting for me !
These are some new ones I have been working on for Halloween . I have them listed at ETSY . Paint , sheet music , old papers and a little imagination and voila !