Friday, August 28, 2009

Transfer Experiments #2 19th Century book Images

4 . When haze is gone coat with gel .

3. Keep rubbing for about a min . Pull top layer paper off . With moist finger rub back and forth till paper is rubbed off .
Apply gel with finger . Flip onto chip and rub gently until adhered.
.1 .Torn image from old book . Poker chip
This one is done .

6. Pretty much done , let dry and see if there is a paper " haze " remoisten finger and rub if needed . Let dry , apply a coat of Golden .
5. Moisten finger and keep rubbing .
4. Keep rubbing back and forth like you are erasing , gently peeling off paper .
3. Flipped onto paper and softly rubbed with thumb back and forth round and round for about 1 Min .


  1. Great demonstrations! This is inspiring me to give image transfer another try. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Me too, I've got to try some old book pages with the gel medium. Thanks Janet!