Saturday, August 22, 2009

Experimental PhotoTransfer On Glass

This is an idea that I had when I was experimenting with different ways to do collage transfers . I had a stack of very old clear glass slides that was sitting around and I thought I would try to transfer an image on them . I laser copied some old photos and applied Golden gel medium to the front with my fingers and then let it set up for an hour or two and the peeled off the paper . Rubbing off the paper with a wet finger GENTLY , on the first one of the family I rushed and starting to rub off parts of the image too . I thought it was ruined so I put it aside I thought to pick it and see what would happen if I put a piece of paper behind it ........ I liked the way it looked so I glued it down with gel to the back of the glass . The second one I let set up and dry longer that the first , only because I was out of the house and I couldn't mess with it . This one I had only gelled part of the copy . I thought it would look neat with silver behind it like an old Daguerreotype so I painted some water color paper with silver paint , let it dry and then gelled it onto the glass . Kind of spooky image ..... almost like and image in a tarnished mirror . I plan on using the family one on an altered book front , edging it with some type of vintage trim .... we shall see what I do with the Soldier .


  1. very cool!

    When you say laser copied - are you using a laser printer or a color copier?

  2. Janet, both of those are really neat, great idea using them on the glass!!! Love both of them!

  3. I'm so glad you chose to try your hand at glass transfer because I've been pondering that method for a while. These are just great, and the endless possibilities of papers/images behind makes my mind swim! Too fun!