Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Vacation Art Time

I just got back from my vacation from South Padre Island Texas . I was thinking that it may rain or I may have some free time so I quickly filled up a gallon size baggie full of trim , buttons , needle , floss , a tin of watercolor paint , a small bottle of Golden , some pencils , a few photo's , postcard copies , an old magazine with lots of advertisements and one pad of watercolor paper and threw it in my suitcase . With in no time of arriving at our condo I had it out and allover the floor ! When the feeling moved me I played with my goodies .. I even thought to try a transfer on a smooth rock and it worked pretty well ! The inside of a clam shell worked also but needs some refining . It was nice to just play around when I felt like it with no interruptions or rushing to do something because of a household chore or kids demanding something !
The Sweet Little friend I made ! Transfer in a clamshell with a little watercolor highlights .
Transfer on rock ... kinda looks like Freud !
My bag of goodies !

Unfinished ..... Transfer and collage

Unfinished Transfer and collage , circles from my wine bottle cork stamp !! Yummy wine !
Almost finished this one , needs a little tweaking , ran out of glue so I sewed trims onto the paper .The cow with the fancy hat is a transfer from one of my favorite postcards .


  1. Busy lady, did you get to enjoy the vacation? Fun stuff!

  2. Now that is "serenity", Janet! Art and ocean... how perfect!

  3. Janet, what great pictures. And you got so much done! Doing wonderful job on the transfers. They look dreamy and feminine and just gorgeous. Hey, you never told me the boyfriend's name is Alex. That is a very very popular name in this family--my husband, my son and my granddaughter is Alexis. Way Way neat.

  4. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. I love the way you took a bag of goodies. Your shell transfer is beautiful! And your collages are so colorful and pretty!

  5. Loooooove that shell transfer, what a neat idea! And way to go improvising, no glue, just sew! I hope you really had a relaxing time. I can really start feeling the need to get away......I need cool and mountains!